Brush up on painting and decorating trends for a budget renovation masterstroke

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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Brushing up on your painting and decorating skills could be a masterstroke for those looking to breathe new life into their home without breaking the bank.

DIY lovers are all too familiar with the current financial frustrations of giving your home a much-needed internal refresh, as the cost-of-living crisis leads many home renovators to put their home projects on the back burner for another year. 

But rolling your focus onto the four walls around you, rather than what lies within them, could help homeowners still transform their property without the need to paint over any cracks in their budget.

Build-it spoke to Award-winning painter and decorator Tahlia Williams about how the latest painting and decorating trends were opening a palette of possibilities for home renovators this winter.  

Wallpaper is back in!

For the best part of two decades, Aussies have shown their preference for paint over wallpaper when redecorating their walls.

But according to recent sales trends, wallpaper is finally making its long-awaited return as word gets out on how some home styling gurus are turning to wallpaper to reinvigorate their residence.

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Tahlia recommends Kmart, Target or Spotlight as places where renovators can pick up some penny-saving wallpaper to re-style their rooms.

“Wallpaper is trending more in 2024 than we’ve seen for a while,” she explained.

“In the industry, we’re seeing an increase in the creative and unconventional ways people are using wallpaper, where it’s being used in wall panelling as well as lining the back of joinery.”

“Even used conventionally, wallpaper is an easy and effective way to add personality to any room.” 

Venetian plaster peeling back centuries of style 

This wall decorating technique may be six centuries old, but its polished plaster finish offers a sense of style that is truly timeless.

This affordable wall treatment creates an ultra-smooth finish that, with proper maintenance, can last for decades, saving on that need to apply a fresh coat of paint in the future.

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Tahlia says the 15th-century technique made one of the most prominent style choice comebacks in 2024.

“Venetian plaster is a mix of lime and marble powder, which leaves you with an incredible designer finish look,” she said.

“Venetian plaster has multi-tonal depth, so it reflects light in beautiful ways. It comes in several different styles to suit any space and taste.”

Wood panelling helps board up the boring

Typically found on the house floor, savvy home stylists are now turning to wood panelling to breathe life back into their lifeless walls.

Tahlia explained how home renovators even prime and paint over the panelling to create feature walls or unique styles that capture the eye in any room. 

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 “Wood panelling makes a comeback in 2024, not just as flooring, but in a more unconventional way,” Tahlia says.

“This year, we are seeing panelling used to highlight specific areas, such as dining areas or hallways, appearing as a feature of the room or space.” 

Wake up your brickwork with whitewashing

If your home’s internal walls show exposed brickwork, whitewashing may be the best budget solution to splashing some style without paying a plasterer to create that flat finish. 

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Tahlia says whitewashing has become a creative way to add pops of colour to brick without splashing too much cash. “Whitewashing has evolved, finding its way into modern interior and exterior design, especially with the resurgence of colonial and farmhouse styles,” she said.

“If you’re looking to upgrade the look of a brick fireplace or completely change an outdated brick exterior, you may be considering whitewashing.” 

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