These specialised sprays are becoming a secret weapon for tradies and DIY lovers

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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When it comes to handy household tools, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is truly the jack of all trades. 

The water-displacement spray, primarily used as a lubricant and a corrosion protector, has become a must-have in all homes and toolboxes since its launch more than 71 years ago. 

Squeaking, rusting, and stuck components can all be quickly addressed with one squeeze of the iconic blue and yellow can.

Arguably, no task has proven too big or small for the must-have aerosol that can do almost anything, with more than 2000 uses. 

But despite WD-40 Multi-Use being synonymous with tackling any job, many tradies, renovators and DIY gurus have yet to be made aware of the brand’s specialised line of task-specific sprays, designed specifically for tackling the most stubborn jobs. 

The WD-40 Specialist range has been made with precision in mind to tackle heavier industry-specific tasks that need a more refined touch, with thirteen different WD-40 Specialist Products now available. 

Build-it spoke exclusively to WD-40 to get the breakdown on some of their job-specific specialist range and find out what tasks they can take on.

Tradie’s secret tool

High-Performance White Lithium Grease

This temperature-resistant lubricant spray can be used outdoors regardless of the weather. Its high viscosity water-resistant formula means it won’t drip and run, making it perfect for both automotive connections and industrial machinery. 

This grease is a tremendous long-term solution to keep parts moving freely, reduce wear and tear and is perfect for metal-on-metal applications. 

Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser

This water based spray degreaser quickly removes tough soiling such as oil, grease, dirt and grime. 

Its spray, rinse and wipe dry instructions make it one of the fastest tools available to clean alloy wheels and tyre rims, degrease engine components, degrease chains and gear mechanisms, and remove grease from surfaces such as flooring. 

Fast Drying Contact Cleaner 

Suitable for use on all sensitive electrical components, this spray easily removes dirt, dust, condensation and flux residue. 

Designed specifically for circuit boards, switches, spark plugs and tape heads, this specialist spray removes all the contaminants that cause current leakage and component failure.

While in damp conditions, it can help remove condensation for more efficient electrical contact in electrical connections. 

Anti-Friction Dry PTFE

This anti-friction formula is designed for high-use and repetitive mechanisms that require protection from daily wear and tear. 

Safe to use on metal, glass or most plastics, this formula creates a film that won’t attract damaging elements like dust, dirt and oil.

It can lubricate door and window tracks, chains and rollers, power tools, drill bits and lock mechanisms to keep them all in top working condition for longer. 

High-Performance Silicone

Shield the lifespan of your tools and equipment by providing lubrication with this protective spray. 

Perfect for using rubber parts like pipes, window seals, plumbing fittings, and metal, plastic, and wood, this stainless solution ensures tools stay clean and conditioned and function smoother for longer.

Popular uses include smoothing linkages, improving valve, lock and hoist performance, and lubricating conveyors, car windows, seals, doors and hinges. 

Rust Prevention Lanolin

This highly effective formulation provides long-term corrosion protection on metal surfaces under extreme climate conditions, specifically high humidity.

Its thick film does not dry out or wash off easily and is resistant to salt, water and even acid, making it ideal for long-term corrosion protection in automotive, marine, industrial and farming equipment. 

No-drip Formula Spray & Stay

This mess-free lubricant is designed to tackle tasks on vertical surfaces and can resist and displace water on metal, plastic and rubbers. 

Its superior protection makes it perfect for lubricating gears, rollers, chains, bearings, hinges, cables, tools, locks and doors.

Household helpers 

Dust Free Air Duster 

Keep your workshop and countertops clean with this spray mess-resistant magic as it blasts away wood shavings, sawdust, metal scrapings, dust, dirt, crumbs, leaves, cobwebs and more. 

Providing 70 PSI of continuous pressure, this spray is also ideal for electronics and is excellent for cleaning computers, keyboards, cameras, scanners, watches, copiers, phones, stereos, and more. 

Fast Release Penetrant

Revive the efficiency of your household tools and remove rust from the most hard-to-reach places with this specialist spray.

Corroded screws, bolts and other components are no longer a problem thanks to this fast-acting formula which can be used on materials such as metal, rubber, plastics, alloy and paints.   

Mechanical Magic  

Brake & Parts Cleaner 

Boost your brake performance and lifespan with this fast-action cleaner that works well with all of your car’s moving parts. 

Designed to dissolve grease, oil, and dust from brakes and parts, it works fast by dissolving residual oil, grease, and brake fluid to leave your brakes shiny and clean.

Use of this spray will prolong the life of brake discs and pads and help cut out brake noise for a smoother ride.

Anti-Fling Chain Lube

Perfect for vehicles and even bikes, this specialist chain lubricant works brilliantly in even the driest conditions.

Compatible with O, X and Z ring chains, this spray penetrates all parts of the chain and leaves a complete coating, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection. 

Anti-Slip Belt Dressing

Your mechanic may argue there’s no better product on the market for extending the life of old and used vehicle belts than the WD-40 anti-slip belt dressing.

Formulated to penetrate chord fibres, this spray restores flexibility and pliability to car belts and acts as a conditioner to improve functionality. 

When used correctly, the spray will eliminate any squeaking and slipping while extending the life of your drive belts. 

Fast Acting Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner

This all-in-one cleaner is specially formulated for the rapid removal of dirt, lead and carbon deposits around the throttle body, carb and choke.

This dual-action cleaning system contains powerful solvents that dissolve and remove tough carbon deposits without leaving residue. 

Using overtime will not only improve performance but also eliminate difficult starting and stalling and reduce emissions and fumes.

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