Gnarly backyard’s unique trick gives prize home a price boost

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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Aussie skateboarders are grinding into this year’s festivities with joy as they “drop in” their entries to a rather gnarly prize home.

And with entries closing later this week, one lucky skateboarder will be hoping to deck more than just their halls this holiday season.

The disability support charity’s kickflipping Christmas home is situated among the Sunshine Coast’s iconic glasshouse mountains and features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two lounge rooms, a home theatre, and a swimming pool.

But the property’s backyard skatepark is its true point of difference – built by skateboarding construction specialist Ko Ramps. It includes two large half pipes, two rails and a sub-box.

Looking over the extreme action is the property’s skateboard workshop decked out with street art, a fridge, a couch and a TV, making it the perfect place to “pop” in with your mates after a skate.

Endeavour Foundation Prize Home Lotteries Kristy Moore says the home’s unique feature provided an x-factor, making it stand out from the crowd and hopefully roll in more entries.

“We have to consistently deliver something that people will always expect to see in a quality prize home – an amazing four-bedroom, three-bathroom, luxury home with a pool and all the trimmings,” said Ms Moore.

“The challenge is to include a unique or desirable feature that most people wouldn’t spend their hard-earned dollars on but would love to own; something they don’t expect so people stop and think, ‘Wow, I wouldn’t ever have thought to do that.”

“So, this home has an actual skate park, but every home needs its own version of the skate park – something that makes it stand out from the crowd and makes it a great place to be!”

Unique features a niche market drawcard

That is a message backed by Queensland-based property consultant Ardy Maulana, who told Build-it that homes with unique characteristics can attract more prospective buyers – if the property is marketed correctly.

“Firstly, It has to be the right feature in the right location – for example, a skate park wouldn’t have much appeal someplace it rains all the time or is in sub-zero temperatures,” he said.

“But if it’s an activity people enjoy locally, you can adapt your marketing campaign to appeal to that group and likely secure more interest.”

“For someone out there, this skate park property is truly their dream home, and they would be willing to go the extra mile to secure it.”

That someone could be skateboarding enthusiast Dustin Parker, who has spent $60 on ticket entries in hopes of winning the halfpiped home.

“I don’t know any skateboarder who wouldn’t want to live somewhere like this,” he told Build-it.

“One of the downsides of going for a skate is you can’t just do it in your backyard, like other sports.”

“Winning this would mean I could just wake and skate in my jocks without having to bother leaving home.”

Sunshine Coast’s own skateboarding prodigy, Haylie Powell, took the custom-built ramp for a test run, praising its build quality.

“This is so sick…it’s really well built, too,” she said.

“I reckon you’d be the coolest kid in Glass House, for sure. Imagine just going to school and being like, ‘I have a skate park in my back yard,’ – it’s pretty cool.”

Total prize valued at $2.35m

The skate ramp isn’t the only standout aspect of the $2.35m prize, with Ms Moore stating the win will be life-changing for one lucky winner.

“On top of a mortgage-free home, the winner will also pick up half a million dollars in cashable gold bullion, the skate park, a retro caravan, and everything else.”

1st Prize includes:

  • Fully furnished four-bedroom, three-bathroom home.
  • $500,000 cashable gold bullion.
  • Retro renovated caravan “Tibby”, valued at $42,000.
  • Luxurious swimming pool with stunning views.
  • Custom skate ramp tested by prodigy Haylie Powell
  • Skateboard workshop
  • Home theatre, plus two additional lounge rooms

Tickets to the lottery can be purchased online until Thursday, 14 December, at 10 am AEST, and the winner will be drawn the following week, December 21, at 11 am.

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