KFC reminds us we should just deep fry everything

By dan
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KFC are promoting a new range of crispy chicken burgers that are available in stores around Australia now. The range includes three types of burger: The ‘Original Crispy’, the ‘Original Crispy Cheese and Bacon,’ and the ‘Original Crispy Stacker.’

Like the winged character Icarus from Greek mythology (and a quite excellent Nintendo game in the 80s), KFC have flown too close to the sun and made screwed up their promotion for these burgers. Over the weekend there will be a pop-up stand in Sydney’s Darlinghurst where they’re giving away free fried food you can’t buy in the store.

Big mistake, Colonel.

On offer:

  • Deep fried cheesecake
  • Deep fried broccolini and asparagus
  • Deep fried peanut butter and jam sandwich

Yes, the burgers sound heart-poundingly delicious, but come on – why can’t we walk into a KFC right now and buy ourselves a deep fried peanut butter and jam sandwich? Seriously, look at this beauty:

The idea of a deep fried cheesecake sells itself, but broccolini and asparagus seems like an uphill battle until you see what it looks like and remember that nothing tastes bad when deep fried:

We’re told that the breading on the burger fillets has been plunged into the crumbs twice to ensure a “satisfying crunch with every bite.” Again, this sounds incredible and our mouths are watering at the idea of it.

But know that what I’ll be dreaming about tonight during my otherwise boring dinner will be this:

The deep fried delicacies pop-up will be open on Friday and Saturday from 10am.

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By dan
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