Model mum banned from Bunnings after x-rated underwear stunt

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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A mum has been barred from Bunnings stores after she hid her underwear among the aisles as “gifts” for tradies to find.

OnlyFans model and pole dancing instructor Layla Kelly filmed the stunt for her social media channels alongside another adult content creator.

But their saucy videos proved too hot to handle for police, who have since informed her she is banned from Bunnings stores for two years.

The video titled “Surprising the hard-working dads with two sets of pre-loved panties” took place in Wellington, New Zealand, and has since racked up more than 2 million views on the 35-year-old’s Instagram.

Layla told Build-it she hoped the clips of her and a friend hiding the undergarments among the ladders, doors and tools would leave a smile on the faces of tradies everywhere.

“I get a lot of requests for underwear, so I decided to combine the two and see what magic we can make,” she said.  

There are many tradies at Bunnings, and many of my subs are blue-collar men. I like their work ethic, so why not leave a surprise.”

“They are really hard-working, have a great sense of humour, and can joke about most things. They don’t take life too seriously and are happy to get down and dirty and get the job done – if you know what I mean.”

The clip wasn’t the only x-rated footage the pair filmed inside the hardware store, with most videos deliberately mistitled as occurring in American home improvement retailer Home Depot to attract a wider audience.

We did a couple of videos around the store, one where you took your shoes and socks off, and as you do that, you lift your leg up to give a bit of a peak of what we were wearing under the skirt,” Layla told Build-it.

Some people would say I wanted to increase the amount of wood at the hardware store.”  

Meanwhile, last month she was filmed leaving underwear on the windscreen wipers of tradie’s 4x4s in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, captioning the clip “leaving cute presents for the hardworking dads and grandads.”

“I was over there for work. I collaborated with a bunch of creators, including one male creator, whom I got a hall pass from my husband to work with, and that was incredible,” Layla explained to Build-it.

“We saw that worker’s vehicle and thought it would be a funny video to make another video with the underwear.”

However, it seems the gags didn’t go down to well with some tradies who humorously commented their dismay online.

“That is nastier than finding a used bandaid on your food,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Cleanup on isle 45, strange odour, bring containment apparatus and radiation suit,” another said.

“Blue pair had skids,” a user joked.

Unfortunately for Layla it seems Bunning’s bosses also don’t plan on becoming subscribers any time soon, with the store slapping the adult entertainment star with a multi-year ban, which she revealed was communicated by police shortly after the clips went viral.

I was a little surprised that Bunnings sent the police to my house as they had the opportunity to speak to me when I was in the store, but they chose not to,” she said.

“They trespassed me from all the stores in Wellington, so I’m banned from all 5 in that region.” 

Build-it is still trying to determine whether the ban extends to Australia, where the model frequently visits to film content.

The married mum has clarified to Build-it that the clip was intended as a joke and no underwear was left in the store, wearing an extra pair to ensure no on-site nudity took place.

“I assume I am only banned from the NZ Bunnings as it listed the five specific stores in Wellington, so I think I will be fine if I pop over to a Bunnings store in Australia,” she told Build-it. 

“It wasn’t hurting anyone. When we filmed it, we made sure there was nobody else around…we never exposed ourselves.”

The adult content creator faces a considerable fine should she decide to step back into Bunnings across the ditch.

However, she won’t be short of cash if she chooses to do so – with Layla accumulating over 400,000 followers across her social media channels,  making over $300,000 a year through her OnlyFans account, where charges subscribers $9.95 a month to see her X-rated posts.

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Paul Eyers has worked as a journalist for a range of media publishers including News Corp and Network Ten. He has also worked outside of Australia, including time spent with ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Stepping away from the media, Paul spent five years sharpening his tools in construction - building his skill set and expertise within the trade industry. His diverse experiences and unique journey have equipped him with an insider view of Australia’s construction game to dig deep into the big stories.

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