PHOTO GALLERY: April’s biggest building blunders revealed!

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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It’s a well-known fact that a good tradie never blames their tools… 

…That’s why if you asked those responsible for these jobs, they’d probably tell you they borrowed someone else’s.  

Welcome to the latest edition of Build-it’s “Building Blunders,” where we reveal some of Australia’s most egregious errors from tradies and home renovators. 

In April, Build-it readers took us behind the scenes of their job sites to showcase some of the less-than-stellar workmanship found in our industry.  

So, grab a hard hat for your protection, and prepare to chuckle as we revisit the worst of Australian trades from April 2024. 

DIY Disasters 

The following DIY disasters will be enough to make you realise the phrase “leave it to the professionals” exists for a reason. 

When going with the cheapest quote still isn’t cheap enough, many homeowners enlist family, friends or even themselves to have a crack at their tradie troubles. 

After all, how hard can it be right? …

This budget letterbox would double as a great game of outdoor Jenga.
This deck is a stiletto wearer’s worst nightmare.
This veranda-extending rain run off solution wasn’t as effective as hoped.
This DIY expert decided to cut through some of the house frame to make room for some pipe work.

Building Balls-ups

With Australia setting the ambitious target of building 1.2 million new homes by the end of the decade, it’s no wonder builders are feeling the pressure. 

Still, that’s no excuse for some of these building balls ups.

Carpentry Catastrophes 

It may be one of the most crucial parts to get right in any home. 

But going by past editions of Build-it’s tradie troubles, it’s also one of the easiest to screw up. 

These carpentry catastrophes will have you wondering whether you need to start wearing a hard hat around the home.


We’ve got some concrete advice for anyone guilty of producing the following works – find another trade. 

These crap concreting con-jobs are enough to make you cry…

We’re sure the clients did when the invoice came in. 

We sincerely hope someone warned her what was about to happen before these tradies started the pour.
We are unsure if this flowed under the fence or was dumped here.
They’ll be able to grind that down, surely?
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Paul Eyers has worked as a journalist for a range of media publishers including News Corp and Network Ten. He has also worked outside of Australia, including time spent with ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Stepping away from the media, Paul spent five years sharpening his tools in construction - building his skill set and expertise within the trade industry. His diverse experiences and unique journey have equipped him with an insider view of Australia’s construction game to dig deep into the big stories.

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