PHOTO GALLERY: June’s biggest building blunders revealed

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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On-site slip-ups are bound to happen, but certain building blunders are just too big to miss…

That’s why those behind these problematic projects might as well hide in the portaloos before their workmates get a glimpse of these job-site disasters. 

Welcome to the newest edition of Build-it’s “Building Blunders,” where we spotlight some of Australia’s most astonishing errors made by tradies and home renovators.

In June, Build-it readers provided us with exclusive glimpses of their work zones, showcasing some of the shoddiest jobs in the industry.

So, loosen that tool belt and get ready to laugh as we dive head first into last month’s worst from “top” Aussie tradies and DIY “experts”.

Carpentry Catastrophes

It may be one of the most crucial parts to get right in any home. 

But going by past editions of Build-it’s tradie troubles, it’s also one of the easiest to screw up. 

These carpentry catastrophes will have you wondering whether you need to start wearing a hard hat around the home.

carpentry catastrophes
Given this bloke can’t even spell the word correctly, it’s no surprise his DIY “carpenter” work isn’t up to scratch either.
carpentry catastrophes
The ad hoc woodwork solution escalated quickly.
carpentry catastrophes
Remember the house the wolf blew down in “three little pigs”? Rumour is the same tradies built that one.

Concrete Cock-ups

We’ve got some concrete advice for anyone guilty of producing the following works – find another trade. 

These crap concreting con-jobs are enough to make you cry…

We’re sure the clients did when the invoice came in.

bad concreting
The sun will flatten this out flat… hopefully.
bad concreting
Driveway suitable for 4×4 vehicles only.
bad concreting
To be fair, the actual concreting isn’t too bad around this.
bad concreting
Better too much than too little… we guess.

Building Balls-ups

With Australia setting the ambitious target of building 1.2 million new homes by the end of the decade, it’s no wonder builders are feeling the pressure. 

Still, that’s no excuse for some of these building balls ups.

error prone exteriors
The closer you look, the worse it gets.
error prone exteriors
This tree was found growing in a person’s guttering after having part of their roof replaced.
error prone exteriors
Maybe this owner would have preferred two single garages anyway.
error prone exteriors
Not the best job.

Plumbing problems

These plumbing peculiarities will leave you piping up with laughter, with those responsible clearly suffering a blockage on any clever creativity.

plumbing problems
Nothing a bit of sponge and duck tape wont fix.
plumbing problems
Who really needs a support beam anyway?

plumbing problems
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