Taking on an apprentice? You could pocket thousands in financial support

Jarrod Brown
By Jarrod Brown
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Tradies willing to take on the next generation of construction workers can pocket thousands in financial support from the government. Here’s how. 

With the nation’s skills shortage set to send construction timelines sky-high in the coming years, the government is desperately trying to entice tradies on the tools to train up young Aussie apprentices with thousands of dollars in support funds. 

From July 1st, employers and employees are able to pocket up to $10,000 in support payments, some of which can be claimed multiple times over the course of the certification. 

What’s on offer to employers?

Thanks to the cost of living crisis and lingering inflation rate hikes, thousands of construction businesses have been forced to pinch pennies – cutting apprentices in the process. 

In a bid to boost those numbers back up (and offer a bit of bank balance encouragement to employers), the government has begun rolling out its Priority Hiring Incentive fund.

Specifically earmarked for training apprentices in industries on the government’s priority list, employers can grab up to $5000 for taking on a full-time apprentice, and $2500 for a part-time. 

The payments come in two instalments and are only for the first year of an apprenticeship: $2000 after six months and $3000 after 12 months, or $1000 and $1500 respectively for part-time apprentices.

Unfortunately, if you are already getting funds from the Priority Wage Subsidy or Disability Australian Apprentice Wage Support for the apprentice, then you can’t apply for the Priority Hiring Incentive for the same person.

What’s on offer for apprentices?

As of this month, two new support payments—the Australia Apprentice Training Support Payment and the New Energy Apprentice Support Payment—are available to Aussie apprentices in critical industries. 

In the Training Support Payment, apprentices will see up to $5000 loaded into their bank accounts over four front-loaded instalments if they are working in “priority occupations”. 

For the New Energy Support Payment, eligible full-time apprentices will see up to $5000 in incentives as they train in occupations earmarked as being part of the clean energy industry.

The kicker is that one person can only apply for one of the two payments. So no, you can’t get up to $15,000 from the government for doing your apprenticeship.

Who is eligible?

Broadly speaking, the Training Support Payment and the Priority Hire Incentive are earmarked for apprentices and employers, helping boost the government’s 120 priority occupations, including trades like mechanics, sparkies, bricklayers, and building inspectors.

On the other hand, the New Energy Apprentice Support Payment is directed towards apprentices in one of the 40 roles on the priority list that the government has deemed a “new energy occupation”.

If you think you or your apprentice might fit the bill, check out the eligibility criteria found on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website to determine if you can access the payment. 

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