What’s on at Sydney Build 2024 this week?

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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Excitement is building to new heights across Australia’s construction sector as the industry prepares for the nation’s largest construction exhibition and networking event. 

With an agenda packed with insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and groundbreaking exhibitions, Sydney Build 2024 is shaping up to be an event of epic proportions.

The event converges Australia’s annual building expo with three other major shows, including the Australia HVACR 2024 Expo, The DCA Digital Construction Australia Expo, and an International Construction Expo to become the largest construction expo in national history.

Sydney Build takes place on Wednesday and Thursday this week at the ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre.

It promises to lay the groundwork for the future of Australian construction as industry leaders, experts and government officials discuss innovative strategies, emerging trends, and collaborative initiatives to propel the sector forward into a new era of growth and sustainability.

500+ Industry Speakers 

Organisers have constructed an impressive lineup of over 500 industry speakers who will grace seven conference halls across the two days, representing a diverse range of expertise.

These experts will discuss the latest changes and challenges shaping Australia’s dynamic construction landscape, offering valuable insights from the industry. 

Experts will discuss the future of construction in Australia.

Product Showcasing

The heart of Sydney Build lies in its expo floor, where exhibitors across the construction industry come together to showcase the latest products, services, and innovations. 

Spread across six expansive halls; attendees can expect to encounter everything from cutting-edge construction equipment to groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to set construction firms ahead of their competition.

The ICC floors will be full of game-changing product demos

Networking Opportunities 

However, Sydney Build isn’t just about speeches and presentations. It’s also a prime networking ground with free-to-attend networking events spread across the two days. 

Attendees can rub shoulders with thousands of like-minded professionals while discussing key subjects such as sustainability, digital construction, mental health in construction, prefabricated manufacturing, diversity in construction and women in construction.

The Women in Construction Networking event will take place from 3:30pm on May 2nd

From exchanging business cards to forging valuable connections, these events offer a platform to interact with the who’s-who of Australia’s construction sector and identify critical areas of change and improvement that can be introduced to their businesses once the event concludes. 

Specialised Industry Hubs 

Moreover, the event features specialised hubs catering to various facets of the construction industry. 

The Architects Hub allows attendees to connect with Australia’s leading architecture firms and explore the latest project opportunities. 

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a walk-through gallery showcasing upcoming architectural projects from leading firms nationwide, complete with 3D models and designs on display throughout the two days.

The Government Hub, on the other hand, offers attendees the chance to meet with government agencies and discover the latest domestic and international projects and tender opportunities.

Representatives from various government bodies will be available to network over the entire duration of Sydney Build, providing insights into upcoming regulatory frameworks and projects open for involvement. 


Meanwhile, the Sustainability Professionals Forum stands out as a beacon for those committed to building a greener, more sustainable future. This forum aims to empower industry professionals to take action towards environmental stewardship, with discussions and initiatives focused on promoting eco-friendly construction practices and fostering sustainability in the built environment.

If you have not secured your free tickets, there’s still time to register and adjust your calendars for May 1st and 2nd this week, with a full event schedule available on the website.

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