Block winners are bringing their signature “Japandi” style to Aussie homes

By Jarrod
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The Block’s latest winning couple, Steph and Gian, are turning their fan-favourite ‘Japandi’ style into its very own homeware brand. 

The couple, who won last season and took home a record $1.75 million profit, quickly became known for their unique house aesthetic – a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design. 

Coined ‘Japandi’, the style mixes elements of minimalism, functionality and respect for nature to create a “calm and inviting environment”.

“For me, it’s the best of both worlds,” Steph told DIY Blinds last week. “The Japandi style makes for easy, liveable spaces that feel relaxed without being boring.

“While Scandi style is about pared-back functional minimalism, Japanese interiors like to embrace the beauty of life and all its imperfections. When you bring them together, you get a sophisticated look that relies on texture and earthy tones.”

After the Japandi aesthetic proved to be a hit amongst both judges and fans, Steph and Gian announced they would use their prize money to launch their new homeware brand, Japandi Estate

“We really want to help people achieve the Japandi way of life by creating a one-stop-shop with homewares to place into their home to create a Japandi feel,” Steph told The Greek Herald.

“We’re working with really close sponsors and connections from the show and that should be launching early next year.”

Block fans are already falling in love with the idea, as many rush to popular Facebook pages for the reality show to share their support of the launch. 

“Stunning Steph & Gian – you guys deserved the Block WIN 2023. Love your style,” wrote one person underneath a post revealing the brand. 

“I love the calming style and love to get the same vibes in the house we just built,” another fan replied. 

Japandi is already taking over

With the brand’s launch still yet to be announced, fans of House 4’s signature style say that the couple have put the aesthetic “on the map” as brands begin to advertise Japandi items in stores around Australia. 

With big names like Nick Scali and Target jumping on the Japandi bandwagon, savvy homeowners can now copy their favourite designs from the show’s winning rooms. 

“Steph has made it trendy,” one person wrote in a popular Facebook group for show fans.

“It might have been around for a while but Steph has made it famous lol,” one viewer remarked, with someone else writing, “Never heard of it till Steph”.

“It was a thing with stylists but now that mums can replicate the same with Kmart finds I’d say she’s put it on the map for Australians,” another commented.

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