Here’s what you need to know before building your dream summer deck

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The hot summer season is on its way, and savvy homeowners are looking to take advantage of the warmer months by reviving their backyard deck projects. 

With house prices still on the rise and the cost-of-living crisis hurting everyone’s wallets, homeowners are looking to their own backyards this year for their next summer project – the great Australian deck.  

Costing an average of $300-400 per square metre and improving your homes value by up to ten per cent, a deck can be a much better investment than costly kitchen or bathroom renovations.

But before you jump on the tools, Australia’s leading timber experts, Big River Group, have a few tips for how homeowners can get the most out of their outdoor space. 

Create your own space

Big River Executive General Manager Ray Ferretti says every backyard is different, and the key to making a good deck is considering its main purpose and value to your home.

“Think of your outdoor space as a blank canvas,” he said. 

“Considering your deck’s purpose will help you decide its size, how many people will it need to accommodate, and what to put on it. 

“Elevated decks are a practical choice. They provide you and your family with under-deck storage space for those bulky necessities and maintenance utilities, such as the lawn mower or pool cleaner.

“In contrast, a flat more expansive decking area is the perfect foundation to entertain. A covered deck is a way to create some shade and prevent your deck’s surface from overheating during the summer.”

Choose the right timber

When deciding on the timber, colour, texture and the environment can play an important role.

“Look for timbers that are designed for exterior use, remembering the better quality the materials, the greater the longevity of your deck,” said Ferretti. 

“There are two choices when selecting the best timber for a deck: softwood or hardwood. The decision is often dependent on budget, required lifespan and quality of finish.

“Spotted Gum and Merbau are the most common hardwood decking options in Australia and, with regular maintenance, should last 20-plus years. 

“Treated pine is the preferred softwood option and is a good value option.”  

Maximise space and add value

Whether building a relaxing outdoor sanctuary or an entertaining pool area for the kids, decking is a great opportunity to transform the forgotten areas of your home into useful spaces. 

“Utilising outdoor rooms as an extension of your interior spaces increases the amount of enjoyment you’ll likely get from your place. The key to unlocking the potential of your yard is creative thinking,” said Ferretti.

“If your yard is sloped and you aren’t using every available square metre, you’re sitting on valuable wasted space. Use decking to create terraced areas or install timber garden beds to bring a lively element into what would be otherwise dead space.”

“Outdoor renovations such as decks are also a great way to add value to your home, with real estate experts saying that installing a deck will bring a 100% return in value.”

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