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Engineer dropout finds spirit calling by crafting the ‘world’s best’ vodka

An Aussie engineer who dropped out of the industry to take a

By Paul Eyers 5 Min Read

Why knock down all public housing towers when retrofit can sometimes be better?

Rebuilding will allow 20,000 more people to live on these sites. However,

By Build-it 9 Min Read

Engineers’ blazing breakthrough to fireproof power poles

Engineers in Australia have found a new way to make power-pole insulators

By Paul Eyers 6 Min Read

Energy-smart bricks slash power bills and construction costs

Engineers are helping homeowners and builders cut costs with their newest invention

By Jarrod Brown 3 Min Read

Want to cut your new home costs by 10% or more? That’s what building groups can do

High-performance, affordable housing built in existing suburbs should be a big part

By Jarrod Brown 7 Min Read

Experts say suburban living is bad for your health

Experts are saying the design of our cities and suburbs is severely

By Jarrod Brown 6 Min Read

Experts: Supply bill won’t boost housing supply

The Australian building and construction industry has hailed the government's collaboration to

By Paul Eyers 5 Min Read