Boost your tradie business with these social media content ideas

By Jarrod
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Whether you’re scraping the bottom of the content barrel or launching your first business Insta account, these social media ideas are sure to grab your followers’ attention. 

In the online world, ‘Content is King’. Providing content is your opportunity to shape how your customers learn and view your business and can be the key to massively growing your brand (and your income). 

From showcasing your latest big project to sharing industry trade secrets, we’ve put together some of our favourite tradie posting tips to help you connect with the audience and dive into the world of social media marketing. 

Transformation tales

From humble beginnings to stunning finishes, showcase your latest construction projects’ before and after photos. Perfect for carpenters, renovators, and builders seeking to dazzle their audience.

Pro tips

Post short videos or graphics with handy everyday construction hacks. This could teach your audience anything from using a tool correctly to getting a nice, clean finish on a painting job. No need for a Hollywood-level production: your trusty iPhone (or Android if you’re desperate) will do just fine. 

It’s not essential, but if you start doing a lot of filming onsite, you might want to also consider investing in a small wireless microphone to boost your video’s sound quality.

Day in the Life

Let your audience see exactly what you do and, more importantly, get to know you. Build trust with your viewers by simply showing off your day-to-day. Set up a tripod and leave it running while you jump on the tools, load stuff into the ute, walk to Smoko, etc. It doesn’t have to be too exciting, but it lets your viewers connect with the tradie behind the business.  

Tool talk

Give your honest review to demonstrate new tools of the trade. Whether you’re taking a shot at a dodgy drill or promoting one of your favourite brands, these videos show off your expertise and help inform DIYs for their own home projects. 

Safety spotlight

Post about safety practices or breaches you find on the construction site or your workplace, possibly with real-life examples or anecdotes. Try to keep these upbeat, constructive and positive, as laughing at someone else’s work will likely reflect poorly on your business.  

Time-lapse projects

Show off all the hard work and effort that goes into your construction projects with a time-lapse video. Simply set up your phone in the same spot over the course of the project and leave it running as you work. These are a great addition to your before and after transformation posts. 

Raving reviews

A business either lives or dies on the back of good reviews. Build trust in your community with quotes or even video testimonials from your satisfied customers. 

‘How it’s made’ series

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a post or short video showing how something is put together or done the ‘correct’. Whether it’s a slow-motion video of a painter cutting-in or showcasing the precise cuts of an expert carpenter, these videos are great for engagement and will have your audience hooked. 

Throwback Thursday’s 

Show just how far you and your business have come by sharing stories and photos of past projects or awards. Tell the audience what obstacles you overcame and how you helped bring your customer’s briefs to life, or throwback to your early days as a young mullet-wearing apprentice. 

Reply to comments

No matter where or what you post, all your content is sure to attract comments. Whether they’re good, bad or downright hilarious, be sure to respond to your audience in short video replies that connect with your followers. 

Employee spotlights

If you’re working alongside a team on site, show off their roles, personalities and experience in the industry. This type of content goes a long way toward personalising your business and gives your customers a friendly face to see when they show up for a job. 

Customer content

Encourage followers and clients to post images of your work on their socials and ask them to tag you. This is a great way to validate your business and effectively expand your potential client base with ‘word-of-mouth’ online.

Get follower feedback

Last but not least, don’t forget to check in with your followers. Post polls and surveys asking what kind of content they want to see from you, allowing you to pivot your content strategy and capitalise on the concerns of your audience.

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By Jarrod
Jarrod Brown combines his background in journalism, copywriting and digital marketing with a lifelong passion for storytelling. He has a strong passion for new and emerging consumer technology within the building sector. He lives on the Sunshine Coast - usually found glued to the deck of a surfboard.