How to choose a work boot to suit every environment?

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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Seasons, weather and climate patterns can create challenges for tradies and change the specific safety precautions needed for each individual task.

That’s why it’s essential to come to site prepared for whatever the day – or sky – may throw at you.

Environment-appropriate PPE is essential to getting each job off on the right foot, and there’s no better first step than choosing the correct footwear.

But with more choices on our shelves than ever, it’s become even more challenging for everyday Aussie tradies to know what to look for regarding environment-appropriate foot protection.

That’s why Build-it spoke to Aussie PPE experts WorkwearHub and Steel Blue to get their best sole-lutions to make every job a walkover no matter the conditions.

No need for seasonal pairs

Buying multiple pairs of work boots to suit every season is an unnecessary misconception many misguided tradies make.

Investing in high-quality, versatile work boots designed for universal use in any climate, weather, or environment is a safer and often more cost-effective choice.

A well-designed jack-of-all-trades work boot could spare you from the impacts of any accidents resulting from poor-quality protection or boots without some essential safety features.

How to choose a work boot all-rounder

The best work boot manufacturers will have you covered in most construction environments.

Choose a boot made from a light, breathable material, like premium leather, to give you all-round seasonal protection.

High-quality leather will help keep your feet cool during summer while providing a water-resistant shield from any puddles, rain and ice during winter.

Moisture-wicking linings are another must-have feature to help prevent your feet from feeling suffocated on those hot days while adding an extra layer of warmth and water protection when it’s colder.

Bamboo socks are a great addition to your work boots throughout the seasons to keep your feet at the perfect temperature all year round.

Choose PPE features required by your specific trade

Picking a work boot brand that designs environmentally versatile footwear makes it easier to select the additional safety features you may need.

Electrical-hazard protection boots are necessary for sparkies or those working in high-voltage danger environments.

Meanwhile, builders and labourers should always choose a boot with a steel toe cap to ensure maximal foot protection, while those in industries such as transport may opt for a composite toe cap work boot (where a steel toe cap isn’t mandatory).

If you often work at heights or in particularly wet conditions, choosing a work boot brand that only meets the highest slip-resistant rated standards will ensure you always put your best foot forward while using the tools.

A range of support and lacing types are also available to help ensure the most secure fit and also boost your foot stability on site.

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