New range of homes with four-week build times could help ease the housing crisis

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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A new range of homes that can be constructed in less than a month could become one of the quickest fixes to Australia’s ongoing housing crisis. 

New eco-modular home manufacturer Sigma Build launched earlier this month, offering prefabricated properties that can be knocked together in as little as 4-8 weeks, making it one the fastest modular housing solutions on the market today. 

The increased rate of construction is 80 per cent faster than traditional home building, providing a speedy solution to the government’s ambitious aim to build 1.2 million new homes over the next five years. 

Architecturally designed by a team of experienced tradies who know how to engineer, design and construct quality buildings, the homes have combined sustainable materials with meticulous energy efficiency standards to be awarded the highest build rating available. 

Sigma Build’s Director of Project Operations, Alex Miscamble, says the new modular homes could become a game-changer within the prefabrication space. 

“Sigma build was created with the vision of building the best prefabricated modular housing system that we possibly could,” Alex said.

“We assembled a team of architects, carpenters, and structural engineers who all contributed to the modular design and construction system that we’re now really excited to take to the market.”

But it’s not just the speed of construction that sets the Sigma Build modular homes apart, with the range recently awarded a 200-year “whole of life” analysis for its high-quality design, sustainability and technological inclusions.

The analysis assures owners the home will remain liveable for at least the next 200 years and can be re-sited at any point, should the homeowner wish to move locations. 

sigma home
A Sigma modular home can be constructed in as little as four weeks.

The prefab property has also received Passive House accreditation, an energy efficiency design standard that acknowledges homes that stay comfortable without heating or cooling.

Being certified as a Passive House means the modular homes are recognised for their high energy efficiency standards, with self-managed thermal regulation achieved using insulation, airtightness, appropriate window and door design, and ventilation systems with heat recovery.

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