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Clean energy slump – why Australia’s renewables revolution is behind schedule, and how to fix it

Investments in renewable energy plants slowed in 2023 with financial approvals for

By Build-it 9 Min Read

Future Made in Australia will boost sustainable growth and create jobs as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough

The shift towards net zero emissions and greater international competition have created

By Build-it 8 Min Read

Zero-carbon cement process could slash Aussie construction emissions

A revolutionary cement production process could slash the millions of tons of

By Jarrod Brown 4 Min Read

Will government investment make green hydrogen a reality in Australia?

The government is keen to turn Australia into a renewable superpower under

By Build-it 8 Min Read

Sydney’s smart pole stations to power up urban EV charging

The streets of Sydney are being amped up with a new type

By Paul Eyers 6 Min Read

Australian welding industry warns investment crucial to meet net zero climate targets

The Australian welding industry has warned that more investment is crucially needed

By Paul Eyers 3 Min Read