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Here’s how ‘microgrids’ are empowering regional and remote communities across Australia

Microgrids are being used to provide secure, reliable energy in communities where

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Cold snap, low on gas: the possible gas shortage in Victoria is a warning

Australia, one of the world’s top gas exporters, could face a potential

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Here’s how to create jobs for First Nations Australians in the clean energy transition

We examined the barriers to increasing First Nations employment in clean energy,

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Controversial offshore wind zone gets green light despite community backlash

A new wind zone off the Illawarra coast has been given the

By Paul Eyers 9 Min Read

Clean energy slump – why Australia’s renewables revolution is behind schedule, and how to fix it

Investments in renewable energy plants slowed in 2023 with financial approvals for

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Will government investment make green hydrogen a reality in Australia?

The government is keen to turn Australia into a renewable superpower under

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Are Australia’s carbon goals and building targets incompatible?

With the task of building $1.2 million homes over the next five

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South Australia accelerates renewable energy targets in ambitious three-year replan

The South Australian government has accelerated its renewable energy targets in a

By Paul Eyers 4 Min Read

Boosting trust key to power up community clean energy project ambitions

Experts say building more trust in community-organsised renewable energy projects could be

By Paul Eyers 4 Min Read