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Safework tells tradies, “It’s the safe way or no way”

The industry watchdog is cracking down on dodgy job site dealings across

By Jarrod Brown 3 Min Read

SafeWork launches ‘asbestos awareness’ course free to the public

SafeWork has launched an 'Asbestos Awareness' course free to the public after

By Jarrod Brown 4 Min Read

Faulty “life-saving” silica dust detector lands Safework in hot water

An audit has exposed SafeWork for releasing their award-winning silica dust-detecting device

By Jarrod Brown 5 Min Read

Worksites warned after teenager’s horror holiday injury

A teenager’s horror fall from scaffolding in a New South Wales worksite

By Paul Eyers 2 Min Read

Experts warn tradies to ‘slow down’ after spike in deaths on the job

Safety officers are urging tradies to "slow down" during the frantic holiday

By Jarrod Brown 4 Min Read

NSW launches an inspection blitz on dodgy building sites

NSW regulators have launched a blitz of inspections on building sites across

By Jarrod Brown 4 Min Read

Construction industry under fire for workplace safety breaches

The NSW government is cracking down on the construction industry after a

By Paul Eyers 3 Min Read