Tradie’s bushfire safety invention a blazing success after sparking Shark Tank interest

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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A simple bushfire safety system designed by two tradies has caught on like wildfire, saving homes and lives for just a few hundred bucks. 

Bushfire season may be coming to a close across most of the country, but dry and hot conditions due to El Nino weather patterns mean many homes are still facing the ongoing threat of fire attacks. 

However, a simple invention by two New South Wales cousins, Frank Inzitari and Frank Capomollo, provides those living in bushfire-prone areas with a fast and easy way to prepare their property for future bushfire events, all without breaking the bank. 

Fire Halo attaches to a home’s downpipes, flooding them with water to create a moat around a home’s roof guttering, soaking leaves and debris with water.

The moat can then put out any landing fire embers, which cause 80 per cent of the bushfire damage to properties – not the actual bushfire front. 

Retailing for only $299, Fire Halo is one of the most affordable bushfire protection systems on the market. Its simple three-step process also makes it one of the most easy to use. 

Homeowners simply turn two valves, plug in the garden hose and turn it on to create the roof perimeter shield, making it easy to use regardless of age or physical ability. 

The lightbulb invention was dreamt up in the wake of the catastrophic Black Summer Bushfires, after the pair witnessed their Blue Mountain neighbours desperately try to plug their gutters using clothing and fill them using garden hoses or sprinklers. 

Frank Inzitari, who runs his own home maintenance business, says he received frequent calls from elderly customers to help them block their downpipes as a bushfire prevention method, which sparked the product’s invention. 

“It’s that simple; it empowers people to protect their homes. With the Fire Halo engaged, there’s no need to get on your roof during those desperate times, risking injury or worse, trying to block your downpipes and flood your gutters,”   Mr Inzitari said. 

“It can be done in advance while there’s plenty of water pressure, avoiding the need to draw on water resources the day the firefront arrives. 

“It’s affordable, and it’s there for life, and I think every house in a bushfire zone area in Australia should have a Fire Halo to protect their home.” 

Benefits to Fire Halo

  • Affordable and reusable – this permanent tool can protect your building time and time again. 
  • Safe and easy to use, Fire Halo can be used instantly when needed, regardless of age or physical condition. 
  • Preventative measure – Fire Halo can be engaged in advance even if you are unsure you’ll need it. 
  • Helps emergency services – Takes workload from firies who may have one less home to try to save in the event of a bushfire attack. 
  • Water conscious – Water is sufficiently blocked from exiting via the downpipes and is a fraction of what would be needed to extinguish a burning property. 
  • Ignition source prevention – This can be used to flush the gutters to reduce dirt, leaves, and plant build-up, which could be an ignition source during a fire. 

Shark Tank investment sparks success

There are now hopes for the world first design to go global after featuring on the Aussie hit TV series Shark Tank late last year, receiving a $150,000 investment from Canadian businessman Robert Herjavec for one-third of the business. 

“This is such a great idea. It is brilliant! It is simple, and it fits a need. It’s not just Australia; in California, this would sell like crazy. In-Home Depot, in Home Hardware, in all those retailers!” Mr Herjavec said on the show. 

Fire Halo impressed the Sharks on hit tv show Shark Tank.

Fire protection isn’t the only use of Fire Halo with the game-changing downpipe attachment. It can also give homeowners an easy way to flush out their gutters from dirt and debris year-round. 

A side cap can be opened to allow a gush of water to clean out whatever is in the gutter to save homeowners from attempting manual cleans. 

The feature provides cleaner water for rural properties that rely on tank water as their primary drinking source by helping to mitigate dust and sediment buildup in the tanks. 

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