Mentorship program to amp up ambitions for next-gen of battery apprentices

Paul Eyers
By Paul Eyers
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An auto electrical business owner is on a mission to power up the careers of a group of budding apprentices in hopes of sparking their entrepreneurial passion.

Jared Clarke knows first-hand the power of having someone there to believe in you.

The Brisbane-based auto electrical tech was lost and lacked confidence before his mentor and former boss saw something in him that he couldn’t see himself.

The belief and advice of someone who had made it to the top of the industry flipped a switch that helped Jared rewire his mindset, enabling him to open his own store and become a successful business owner and expert in his field.

Now, years later, Jared has plans to pay forward the mentorship he received by launching his own specialist apprenticeship program to help the next generation amp up their self-belief and develop real-world career skills.

The Battery World Enoggera owner told Build-it he decided to fund the program to give struggling young apprentices a head start in their careers.

“There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks that go into running a business, so it’s important for apprentices to understand and be prepared for all that’s involved,” he explained to Build-it.

“Upon completion, apprentices will have both the theory and practice to run a successful business and the confidence to pursue their chosen career path.”

The specialist apprenticeships will teach the next generation of tradies real-world skills and tasks while also receiving business coaching from The Bondi Project

Meanwhile, the students will work one day a week in-store to learn the hands-on skills essential to completing their Certificate III in Auto Electrical Technologies. 

Jarod Clark (right) has funded business coaching for his apprentices to give them a career head start.

Sparking youth into an ageing workforce

Jared says that by providing the apprentices with all the tools they need to succeed, he hopes to help recharge the auto electrical industry’s ageing population.

“We don’t have a lot of young blood coming through, so I’m sharing my experience in the hope that it will inspire other young people to pursue a career in the battery business,” he told Build-it. 

“We are hoping to encourage young people to join our thriving community and be a part of an industry that seeks to genuinely help people with their power problems.”

“There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone in need with roadside assistance, offering free battery health checks to ensure people’s safety, or providing quality care.” 

One of the apprentices, Carlo Devereaux, told Build-it that the program had sparked a sense of self-belief in his work and enabled him to double down on his career goals.

“Working with Jared has been so eye-opening for me. Not only have I learned the tricks of the trade, but I have gained the confidence to push myself and my abilities,” he said. 

“Through personal business coaching, I’ve learned much about the industry and what fields I can enter with a trade. I’m looking forward to continuing to build my skillset and take on new opportunities as they arise.”

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